Ear Wax Removal

About Earwax

Ear wax removal plays an important role in your health and as a result can avoid infections and ensure you can hear perfectly. 

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Ear Wax Removal Prices

Wax removal including consultation £60.00

Wax removal consultation £30.00

Wax removal (home visit) £100.00

Discount given to the following patients of these clinics who refer to Biddulph Hearing Centre:

Ear Wax Removal being performed
Full ear inspection that is shown on a screen

Types of Ear Wax Removal

Our audiologists do a full ear inspection that is shown on a screen. Subsequently they will discuss with you what the best form of wax removal is, and then remove any wax or debris present.

We offer all forms of wax removal, microsuction, irrigation and instrumentation. Our qualified audiologists conduct all earwax removals using the latest medical grade equipment via a microscope or video endoscopy.

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